At the end of a long day.

Today started just like any other Monday or Wednesday, which is my usual late self to school.

In our class, there are a number of people who took a Service Learning Contract with Masonic Homes. It’s simply a organization that helps and provides care to its elderly residents. So today, after a long lecture, we presented our experiences and thoughts to the class.

Photos of course were taken by my Physiology Professor, Ms. Wu (thanks!). 


Everyone did an excellent part in their speeches.

As for mine, it wasn’t that great considering I hadn’t prepared at all. But I still able to convey what I truly experienced and felt (though some of which I had recalled I was quite hesitant to say)



These ladies made our presentation a little more entertaining.


Yeah, one of them made us wear hats and hold some musical instruments. No, I didn’t dance…

In the end, it seemed our presentation was a success despite the lack of participation of the audience. Well, can’t blame them can I?

After class, I decided to walk with my friend to see his Professor during the office hours. It was my first time in the newer building and I was quite amazed at how nice the buildings were.


Unfortanetly, my friend’s teacher didn’t show up. But that’s okay. I got more time to play with the X100.

The next destination was back to Ms. Wu at her office to study off of our previous exams. Fun, but not quite! Had to wait a bit for her to gather our papers, so I took my time looking out into the courtyard.

Later in the day, after I had finished my Exam Corrections for Physics, I found these two crazy friends of mine and decided to join them. What a way to kill some time before the next class at 6:30!

Despite how boring class always is, I still enjoyed the cookies available provided by our teacher. 🙂



We had to wait till after lecture was over to do our Exam Corrections. Yet, there was a lot more waiting than we had thought. So we all sat outside our Professors door until he called us one-by-one.

While we were waiting, someone came up with the idea of all of us writing a kind of “thank you” note on a paper to our Professor. How nice….

Surprisingly, he decided to join us.

In the end, all of us finished our corrections and had set a goal to pass with a certain grade in the class. Today marked the end of the last long day I’ll probably had in a while. It’s crazy to think I could stay at school from 7am to 9pm. Yeah, this is pretty much how my school days are on Monday and Wednesdays. With just finals left next week, I’m very excited. I can’t wait to have my first summer off in a long time!


Fujifilm Finepix X100 + 23mm Fujinon Lens f/2.0


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