The First Outing of Summer Vacation

With the Spring term finally over, I finally have the time to go out and enjoy time with my new Fujifilm X100.

For the first time, I was able to put the X100 to the test.

There were a lot of new places that I discovered downtown. I actually used to work downtown for a year, but I never really got the chance to walk around and explore.

I had a little fun with post-processing in Lightroom making the black and white photos look like film. They had a much better impact to me as street photos.

As I passed by local restaurants along University Avenue, I caught glimpse of a Canon 60D with a 24-70mm L! I can’t believe it’s sitting in the open like that. Someone could run off with it because the girl on the right is too focused on her Nintendo DS…

I actually had fun taking pictures of random people. The X100 is a 35mm equivalent meaning I have to get SUPER close to the subject since it’s wider than normal. But because of its small size, I could easily get within people’s personal space to take a photo. I wasn’t scared at all. And so I thought to myself, “So this is street-photography…”

The X100, truly is the ideal choice for a street photographer. No doubt about it!

I had to get real close to get this shot! This child’s eyes were amazing and captivating.

Someone couldn’t wait! This guy devoured his pizza while waiting for the crosswalk.

A lot of the folks here in Palo Alto are quite kind (though some can be complete jerks from my work experience). This couple was kind enough to allow me to take pictures of their cute pug when I asked. I love pugs!

I think I just love cute dogs in general.

I decided to drive over to another part of Palo Alto, visited Keeble & Shuchat Photography store, and went to a nearby Starbucks where I took some time to relax and check out my own photos.

Of course I did some people-watching by the window.

My time here at was quite enjoyable as drank my Passion Fruit Tea/Lemonade. However, as I left, it started raining out of nowhere, even with the sun still out! I was reluctant to leave since I didn’t want to get wet.

More architectural photos after the quick shower…

I suppose the rain was worth it, allowing me to see this wonderful rainbow. 🙂


Fujifilm Finepix X100 + 23mm Fujinon Lens f/2.0


2 Responses to The First Outing of Summer Vacation

  1. Jonathan says:

    Nice shots man. I think I’m gonna go ahead and accept the inevitable and pick up an X100. I knew I was going to get one when it was announced so no sense fighting it. We should meetup and do an X100 shootout! =)

    • Thanks Jonathan! Like I said, the X100 is really something you buy with your heart rather than with your head. It just makes shooting so much more fun (despite its quirks of course). What’s more fun is meeting up with a fellow photographer to do an X100 shootout! I’d definitely be down for that (even minus the X100s) 😀

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