Getting Lost in SF with the Fuji X100

Instead of the usual drive to San Francisco, I decided to just take the BART since I live about five minutes from the station.

I wanted to play around with the Dynamic Range settings in camera. They’re pretty good, but I’d rather do it myself in post-process.

The funny thing is that I actually start to lose all sense of direction when I start shooting out on the streets. By surprise, I ended up in China Town. Pretty exciting!

It was nice because these old guys were playing music which seemed to bring the small little street to life.

I found a really cool spot where all the old folks of China Town started to hang out and they were all playing all sorts of games. Pretty interesting.

For some reason, I wandered off away from China Town, but later ended up back in it!

My original plan was to stay in the city at night to test the X100 in low light. It actually fairs pretty well with its high ISO capabilities. However, the one thing that was hold it back was the focusing! I thought to myself, “This fails!” Pretty disappointing, but then again, it isn’t a DSLR. In any case, I couldn’t really find any good places since I’m not too familiar with SF and I was getting tired.

And after about three hours since I arrived, I decided to hop back on the BART. It was a pretty nice day in SF, and I hope to be back again later this summer in search of some nice photographic spots at night.


Fujifilm Finepix X100 + 23mm Fujinon Lens f/2.0


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