The Calling

Browsing around on the internet for some photography stores in the bay area, I came across one in Berkley, CA. I have been in the search for several local photography stores other than Keeble & Shuchat over in Palo Alto for various reasons. In any case, I decided to go up for a drive to Berkley to go and check it out. Even before coming here, I had spoken with a few of their sales men/women and they are really polite. Let’s just see how it is in person.

It’s right off the corner, and it looks quite big on the outside. My first impression walking to the front of the store was “Wow, this place looks pretty legit” Pretty exciting, if you ask me!

They got tons of stuff! There was so much to look at. Although as big as it looks like on the outside, it’s a pretty tight space on the inside.

When I arrived, all the sales representatives were busy helping their customers. I wasn’t disappointed! They have excellent and friendly service. Surprisingly, most of the sales reps I saw were female– how cool!

They’ve got all sorts of stuff– from a display of old film cameras, to a nice selection of bags, to supplies for prints.

The one thing I love about stores like this is that they are privately owned. This usually means that the staff is really cool and they provide really good service to keep their customers. I didn’t really get to check on prices, but I’m sure they’re the reasonable street price unlike overpriced places like Best Buy, but of course, they also account for tax. Overall, my experience here was well worth the drive. If I ever needed anything real specific or I happened to be in the area, I would definitely give this place a visit and my support as well.

Except the real reason I came here was because I received a phone call from them. After I relieved my Fuji X100, I’ve been on the hunt for the lens hood with the adapter (LH-X100). So I looked up several Authorized dealers on the Fuji website and gave each one a call. A lot of the responses from those stores were very disappointing all except for this particular store called “Looking Glass Photo”. They were the only ones who offered to have me leave my name and phone number for a follow up on when the item would arrive in their inventory. And look, they did! I was finally able to get it…

They actually opened it up in the store and let me put it on my X100 on the spot to test it out! Pretty awesome for them to let me do that. However, they couldn’t find my name in the system, probably because I didn’t provide them my last name, but to them, it didn’t matter. “Well, you’re here and we got a few extra anyway” From what I overheard, they only had about 6 in stock…Wow!

So I rushed back home, gave the camera a thorough clean and put it on.

And now I can finally put my B+W filter on for some protection– the right way! The reverse method, as well as the DIY extenders is rubbish.

Strangely enough, the lens cap can fit with the filter on, but if you put the lens cap on without the filter and just the adapter (AR-X100), then it comes right off.

Even with a filter on, you can still attach the hood.

The hood’s quality is just like quality of the camera– excellent, with a nice metallic finish.

It was a really good day for x100 and me. Not only did I get quality service from kind people, but I also finally got my hands on the rare-out-of-stock lens hood and adapter ring. With this, I canceled my pre-order on Amazon that I placed more than a month ago and forever ceased my search for the product.



Fujifilm Finepix X100 + 23mm Fujinon Lens f/2.0

Product images: Canon 7D + Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro


2 Responses to The Calling

  1. Jonathan says:

    haha, should have read the part where you knocked that method already 😉

  2. Jonathan says:

    I’ve been looking for that hood too man. For now, I’ve done a sort of ghetto-but-effective method: an empty 49mm filter ring I scrounged up among my film camera stuff, reversed on the lens, with a multi-coated filter stacked on top of it to protect the front element. It works, and didn’t cost me anything! I do love the look of that hood though, very “range-finder”

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