The 4th of July

I wonder who cut those huge tomatoes…

This is my friend Ricky, whom I’ve known since high school. He was the host for this BBQ/get together. Thanks so much Ricky!

Surprisngly, it was also someone’s birthday!

A couple of the guys started play basketball. We then migrated over inside to hang out more. When the guys were done, they came in and just plopped on the floor. After a while, we started playing XBOX connect for some random games.

Unfortunately, my X100 battery died out. We then went out for some fresh air and to watch some fireworks. We also did fireworks of our own…DIY fireworks that is. By using really fine steel wool and a copper wire, we lit it on fire and swung it around. It was crazy! I’ll have to admit it was pretty cool. Time went by fast and people started heading home.


Fujifilm Finepix X100 + 23mm Fujinon Lens f/2.0


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