My Ninja

I know this sounds a bit cliche, but every boy has to find something in his life, and when he does and makes something of it, he finally becomes a man. For me, getting a motorcycle was just that. My friends and I have been working on this bike for more than a month already and is actually still in progress.

I happened to pick up 2 Kawasaki Ninja 250s for $700. Neither of them worked. The one on the right is a 2005 and the one on the left is a 1989.

We spent HOURS digging through this insanely hot warehouse digging for parts…

This is Ricky and Irving starting on some engine work…well sort of. 😛

Unfortunately, we didn’t feel like modding the shock any further…we just left the original on. Someday, I’ll get another one!

We picked up a tumbler from another set, stuck my key in, and pretty much shaved it till my key worked. Cost? Zero.

Can you guess which bike this is? 2005 or 1989? 🙂

Constantly working on it…

Go the side markers in, now I’m just waiting for the turn signals..

Nice packaging, eh?

Fender eliminator mod. Cost? Couple dollars + Free food with good friends.

More coming soon! Stay posted.


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