Joey’s Birthday Weekend: Day 1

Day 1: 1/20/12

It was nearing 6am, and I was so restless. I was counting on my sister to give me money so I could go with my friend Joey to Disneyland for the weekend for his 21st birthday. Luckily, my mother was there to lend me some cash. I headed to Joey’s place and go there around 7:30 to meet up with him and his friends, Rolo and Mindy. We headed out to get gas down the street. After sitting in my car, I realized I forgot the key to my lock-nut for my wheels. I wanted to sure I was prepared for the worst, so I took extra precaution by going back home to go grab it along with my set of tools (Thank goodness I did), while Joey went on ahead of me. Our original plan was to meet up at Pismo Beach to pick up Joey’s girlfriend, Krystle. However, while thirty minutes behind them, I get a call from Rolo as I near Pismo Beach. Apparently, Joey went over a dip too fast causing his oil pan to crack. They were stuck, but I came to the rescue! The five of us took my 4-seater car down to ‘socal’ for about 4 more hours…So uncomfortable. Though I won’t deny, it was a damn fun spending time with all of them in the car! We arrived at Disneyland around 5 or 6, checked in and taken to our room: The Mickey Mouse Penthouse Suite!

It was so amazing! My describing it couldn’t even do the room justice. Rolo and I started taking pictures of the room immediately, while not letting Joey touch anything even though he paid roughly $3200 for it. After taking pictures, we decided to go grab some complimentary food and drinks down the hall from the room. We went downstairs to the lobby to check out the gift shop. Joey and Krystle ended up going for a swim, and while they were getting ready, I bought Joey a shot glass for his little present. We met up at the pool and Rolo and I started taking pictures again. When they finished, we went back up to the room to relax some more while the rest of the invites arrived.

Before we knew it, we pretty much got the party started and everyone was having a good time. They even started battling, dancing shirtless in the lounge. It was a crazy night!


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