Joey’s Birthday Weekend: Day 3

Day 3: 1/22/12

Started the day off by waking up late. Prepared our things and grabbed some burritos down a couple of blocks from the apartment. The 49er’s game was on and we all watched it. I got somewhat bored, so I decided to walk down to the beach by myself to take some pictures. I came back and watched the rest of the game with them. After the game, we hung out a little and prepared our things once again. We loaded them into the car and said our good-bye’s and thank you’s. It was time for the open road. We drove quite a distance and all of a sudden, my back tire got stripped. I pulled over to the side and with the help of everyone, managed to replace my tire very fast. Also, Joey is a dork for getting so excited about lighting the flare, Haha! Luckily, I listened to my intuition about bringing the key for the lock nut! The drive was crazy though, it was raining really hard, gusts of wind were so strong, and it felt like we were the only ones on the road. I’ll have to admit, it was pretty creepy…especially with Krystle scaring the hell out of me in the back…We stopped by IN N OUT for some food because I was craving it. After that, Joey wanted to stop by the Madonna Inn because he wanted to pee in the epic bathroom. It wasn’t epic. It was scary as hell. We left the place, running like cowards, and started out for the road again. We managed to safely arrive at Joey’s house around 3:30am. It was the craziest weekend yet. Despite all the unfortunate things that happened, I couldn’t help but laugh and not get mad. This is the road trip I’ve always imagined, but better.

Note: No animals were harmed. 🙂


One Response to Joey’s Birthday Weekend: Day 3

  1. Your dog drinks beer? My kitty drinks wine.

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