Shooting Film

I got a whole bunch of film developed recently. Photos were taken with my Olympus OM-2n and 50mm f/1.8.

I decided to play around with the camera to get a feel for how to use it correct. It’s not too bad, especially since there’s an aperture priority setting, which is very handy!

I also experimented with various cheap films such as Fujifilm Superia ISO400 and Kodak Ultramax ISO 400.

Here are pictures taken with the Fujifilm:

I like the Fujifilm for its more vintage look– softer colors and less contrast.

Here are photos with the Kodak film:

Going through the rolls of Kodak film, I didn’t even consider sparing it. I shot through 4 rolls in a day and a half, unlike with the Fujifilm (2.5weeks). I guess I got more comfortable with my camera by then. In any case, I was surprised when I got this set back. The colors immediately caught my attention as they seem to be more saturated and slightly more contrasty.


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