Sunset at Redondo Beach

Unfortunately, after brunch, I didn’t feel too well because of the heat. Sadly most of the day was spent with me resting back at the inn I was staying at. Nevertheless, I’m so thankful for having such a patient girlfriend.

Once I felt a little bit better, I managed to muster up my remaining strength and requested that we finally go to the beach.

After our stroll through the pier, the sun finally began to set. It was so much more amazing than I could ever imagine.

It started getting cold and dark so we went on our way back to the inn. On our way back we stopped by for some more food. Maybe that was what I was lacking today!

Our attempt to buy Green Tea ice cream failed. So instead, we went to Denny’s!

After that, we went back to the inn to have a movie marathon from the selection of movies we rented out from RedBox. Thus, our day came to an end.


To be honest, sometimes I just wish sunsets lasted so much more longer. It feels as if I could just continue watching them endlessly…


One Response to Sunset at Redondo Beach

  1. You guys are very talented! What a good eye for photography 🙂 I look up to you guys! lol

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