Cafe-Bakeries and Aquariums

Mornings couldn’t have been any better than this. After waking up, we headed over to return the movies we rented out and went to the bank so I could take care of some business. We couldn’t decide where we should have breakfast, so we ended up going back to the cafe-bakery we went to the day before. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera that morning, so I couldn’t take snap shots of the place. What a good chance to redeem myself!

I really love this place! I’m so glad Emily took me here. If only they had this place in the SF Bay Area.

Just after, we were on our way to the Aquarium. How exciting! I love absolutely love aquariums for how relaxing and tranquil it is.

There’s something I about aquariums. Perhaps,  it’s because of how quiet it is and how relaxing it can be. Just watching the fishes and other creatures flow so fluidly in the water brings me so much tranquility. It always feels as if I’m in another world. What makes it more wonderful is that I got to spend it someone very special.

However, because I was leaving LA to go back home on Sunday, this was our last day together. We savored the rest of our time by going for a walk around the aquarium.

And so after our adventure here , we headed back. We returned back to my Uncle’s place where we spent the next hour going on a lovely walk-and-talks without the cameras where we simply enjoyed the company of one another. 🙂


One Response to Cafe-Bakeries and Aquariums

  1. JPanda says:

    Excellent series of photos! You made me hungry now 😀

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