Nikon Wide Converter WC-E68

After my 5 hour trip from L.A. due to delays of the flight and BART, I came home exhausted. However, my mood completely changed when I found a box waiting by my door. It was the Wide Converter that I bought a few days ago while in L.A. I’ve been looking around for a good alternative for the Fujifilm X100. Fujifilm released their version of a wide angle converter, however, at $350 wasn’t a justified price point for a mere 35mm to 28mm. Looking around, I found a Nikon lens that converted my 35mm to a 24mm!

The build quality is quite excellent. I didn’t expect this kind of quality from something I picked up for $60 shipped from ebay. It was definitely a bang-for-the-buck!

However, I don’t expect it to fit right onto the Fujifilm X100! It does need a step-down ring. The X100 has a 49mm thread, but the Nikon has a 46mm thread. So while I was in L.A. I picked one up for cheap from a local photography store.

And that’s all that’s needed! For all you X100 users, keep in mind that the optional adapter isrequired! Here’s what the set-up looks like:

I know it looks a little funky, but hey, it still works! After some testing, I’ve concluded that it was definitely worth my money, especially compared to the official Fujifilm converter.

Further experimentation is still required and examples will be shown in future posts, so stay tuned!


One Response to Nikon Wide Converter WC-E68

  1. T.H. says:

    Thanks for the post and sample pics. Going to pick one of these up for my x100s!

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