After my hectic Friday night shift I headed over to Joey’s new house, of Gorilla Warfare) in San Francisco. I slept over because he invited me to come see his exhibition at the jam known as Dare 2 Dream. It was pretty exciting since it was my first one.

Surprisingly, a few of Joey’s crew members, Thomas and Jordan entered!


Near the end, of the battles, Joey and Noel finally performed for their exhibition.

Following Joey’s exhibition were a series of battles, the 2-man team of Jordan and Thomas won first place of the Dare 2 Dream 2v2 battle. It was epic!

From left to right: Jordan Miraflor aka Jamrock, Zak Razura aka RawZ, Joey Kao aka Kaotyk, Thomas Chu aka Dopefx

It was a really long day and I was sitting on the floor for nearly 3 hours. I’ll have to admit though, it was really exciting especially with the suspense from the judging. Everyone is so talented and I wish I could do some of the crazy things they do. I’ll have to admit, photographing this event was very difficult for my Fujifilm X100! The lighting wasn’t enough for it to focus quick enough and I found myself shooting around 6400 ISO half the time. Not only that, but they were just moving way too fast!


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  1. Oh my gosh love these!!!

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