Hello, Emily! Day3

This morning we woke up with going to Japan Town over in San Francisco in mind. Strange enough, we got completely side-tracked. On our way, we ended up deciding to get breakfast first. We then ended up over at the bank and then stopped by the Mission of San Jose. It was lovely.

After that, we were stuck between pizza or steak sandwiches for lunch. Oh, the dilemma! 😀

Nevertheless, we ended up eating steak sandwiches. After our lunch and time spent chatting at the restaurant, we went over to Fry’s Electronics to shop around. We then headed back to our hotel where we got ready for our photo-shoot. But guess who the models for this shoot were? Ourselves. 😛

It was so difficult! One of the hardest shoots I’ve ever done, but I must say, my lover looked rather stunning. ❤

Since we were all dressed up, we went on a lovely dinner date right after since it was her last night here in the Bay Area. How classy!

It was a weekend to remember. Now that summer has ended, all I can look forward to is the long seasons ahead of us. I’m excited for the both of us despite us being thousands of miles apart.


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