Photography vs. Instagram?

On my second day in Boston, my girlfriend took me downtown to explore. I brought only one camera with me, an Olympus OM-2n film camera. I had a blast shooting with my film camera. I had two problems:  1)I dropped the camera and broke the aperture ring; 2) I only had 2 rolls of film which didn’t even last me the entire day. Having lost my ability to take pictures, I was desperate and determined to capture the beauty before me. I busted out the iPhone 4 and worked with it the remaining of the evening.

Note: I am not too fond of squares.

There is a lot of controversy between professional photography and instagram. To me, it does not matter at all what medium you use to get your photographs. It does not matter whether or not you spent hours editing and developing or spent seconds using an automated filter. The content does not change. It does not take away creativity because having taken the photograph is the act of creation to begin with. For me, I do not think about being artistic or creative when I take a photograph. That happens afterward. As long as you have the knowledge, the passion, and the vision you wish to create, any tool (camera, software, apps)  available to you is your slave. That’s just my 2-cents.

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iPhone 4



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