Just a Rainy Saturday

On my way home after a basketball tournament, I stopped by a local park for some fresh air. Luckily, I had my new Canon Powershot S110 with me. Thought I’d decide to give it a thorough test. It’s a nice little compact camera. I’m really impressed with the new technology point and shoots have nowadays. For any beginning photographer or enthusiast, I’d recommend a premium compact over a DSLR any day. The image quality from this camera is superb!

Macro was a little difficult since the camera didn’t want to focus. I have yet to learn the distances and focal lengths that are good for closer shots.

Considering that this is only a point and shot, the “bokeh”, or out of focus, is quite nice.

Images come out nice and crisp. With a little color correction and contrast, images look as if they were taken with an expensive DSLR!

I had fun with this little camera. Though it was a spontaneous purchase, I’m quite pleased with the results. I will definitely have this camera by my side majority of the time. Why? Because it’s so pocket-able!


Canon Powershot S110

Lightroom 4


One Response to Just a Rainy Saturday

  1. These are beautiful! Really captured the coming of winter 😀

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