Just a Walk

Last Friday, I got to work early but felt that I needed some fresh air before I started. I decided to take a walk around University Avenue in Palo Alto, and luckily, I had my Canon S110 with me. On the down side, it was getting dark really fast. Oh, how I hate this time change with the sun going down at around 4.


This camera is awesome shooting with in the streets. People don’t really mind me taking photos because my camera is so inconspicuous. It’s a fun little camera, but the ISO performance reaches its peak above ISO 800. I’m finally starting to understand the limits of this camera the more I use it. The sad thing is, my walk didn’t last too long because I had return to work and not only that but my camera’s battery died. I’ll have to log more time with this little camera.


4 Responses to Just a Walk

  1. Wow, with my shots, especially on that time of day, they come out really grainy. But yours look smooth and it doesn’t look like you had to play with them much. For that time of day I sometimes have to set my camera (Canon EOS 60D) to like ISO 1000 or more! What’s your secret? lol! These grainy shots are driving me crazy!

    • The shots without much light were exposed with ISO 1000+. It might be because I resized these to somewhat small images that you can hardly even see it. I also did a bit of noise reduction to the photos. You can see the grain for sure in the picture of the bike in the shadow.

  2. Addison says:

    Gorgeous pictures in a spectacular neighborhood! Loved this. Come back to Palo Alto to shoot again please!

  3. Great photos – love the dreamy warm quality!

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