Almaden Quicksilver Park

_DSF6013My Hiking class met today at Almaden Quicksilver Park in California. I’ve never been in this area and it was about 20minutes away from where I’m currently staying in San Jose. It was really exciting since I don’t know what’s out in this area at all. To top that off, the weather was gorgeous. Apparently, this park is a historical site that was used for mining and living for 135 years. Today was a wonderful day to hike and explore what was left of the mine with good company._DSF6020 _DSF6026 _DSF6030 _DSF6031 _DSF6035 _DSF6036 _DSF6038 _DSF6047 _DSF6052 _DSF6055 _DSF6057 _DSF6063 _DSF6067 _DSF6068 _DSF6074


Fujifilm X100


2 Responses to Almaden Quicksilver Park

  1. These are so fun! Looks like a great day 🙂 Thanks for sharing them with us!

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