Chocolate First

_G5A6803 What better way to start a Sunday morning than with chocolate? With the Chocolate Salon starting up at 10a.m. in San Francisco, people lined up to have their sweet tooth satisfied. A group of friends and I arrived early, highly anticipating the free chocolate. After all, we did pay a $20 entrance fee!tich1_G5A6821 _G5A6822 _G5A6824 tich3_G5A6830 tich2

_G5A6850 After we filled out stomachs with chocolate (falling into a chocolate-coma!), we decided to get some real food! We all decided on Mediterranean food for lunch around town. This tiny little restaurant, Pera, is absolutely wonderful. It’s a nice fancy place that’s great for a brunch or a romantic dinner. The food was just as great as it looked! 😀_G5A6890

_G5A6876 _G5A6881 _G5A6885 _G5A6887 I only had the 100mm f/2.8L IS macro lens on. It was a great chance to test it out considering I was shooting food in nice natural lighting. I want one now!


Canon 5D Mark III + 100mmf/2.8 L IS Macro


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