San Antonio County Park

Today, my class hiked San Antonio County Park in San Jose. Unfortunately, the route my teacher planned out for us (5miles) was closed off due to maintenance. She then selected a random student to create a new route. We all helped in creating the new route. It was a really fun experience. The hike though, was quite difficult for us considering it was also 5 miles. The weather was beautiful though!_DSF6090 _DSF6103 _DSF6115 _DSF6118 _DSF6123 _DSF6133 _DSF6134 _DSF6138 _DSF6141 _DSF6147 _DSF6159 _DSF6164 _DSF6166 _DSF6171 _DSF6175

I realized today that there are just some things you can’t photograph. Sometimes you just can’t photograph what you feel. You can’t photograph the scenery before you the way you feel it at that moment. It’s not the same. Sure, it’s disappointing, but at the same time it’s relieving because you know there’s no other way to experience such a feeling other than going out to experience it for yourself. However, if you look closely, you’ll notice that it’s the subtle things that make photography fun in environments like this, such as how the light hits the leaves, the deep shadows that are cast, the tiny flowers hiding in the corner, the caterpillar you’d never take a second glance at.

Life is so beautiful.


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  2. Really beautiful shots šŸ™‚ Just take you away

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