Backpacking at Hetch Hetchy Reservoir in Yosemite Day 3


Today was the last day of our journey together. At around 9a.m. we departed our camp to rendezvous with the group that decided to return to the first camp after venturing out into the valley. The total hike for those of us that decided to stay and camp out in the valley was about 9 miles.

_DSF9222 _DSF9223 _DSF9224 _DSF9231 _DSF9237 _DSF9239 _DSF9269 _DSF9271

Once we had finally reached the dam, we were starving! We made a quick stop to grab some food, and it was as if we were stranded on island for days without food… 😀_DSF9275 _DSF9278 _DSF9772

Before we knew it, our journey was coming to an end. Being on the road, I realized that we (our group) will probably won’t ever go hiking again. Though that might be true, I also realized how thankful and appreciative I was to have the chance to hike with some amazing people. An experience that happens just once in a life time such as this is what makes it so much more memorable. In all its simplicity, all that should be left to said is:

Thank you for the journey.


Fujifilm X100 (23mm f/2.0)

*JPG out of camera (Unedited)


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