Backpacking at Hetch Hetchy Resevoir in Yosemite Day 2


I woke up the next morning at 6a.m. I was the first one up and didn’t want to wake anyone up, so I decided to do a little photography at the water source nearby. I figured that since the sun had set in the opposite direction, the sun will rise and pass through the valley onto this waterfalls. It was really cold, and even though the sun was already out, it took about 2 hours more for it to come up above the mountains. It was really beautiful.

By the time I got back, everyone started waking up one by one. We got some breakfast going and planned the rest of the day for our hike (about 3 miles). _DSF9626 _DSF9627 _DSF9628 _DSF9635 _DSF9074_DSF9638 _DSF9639 _DSF9642 _DSF9656 _DSF9658 _DSF9664 _DSF9669 _DSF9673 _DSF9679 _DSF9681 _DSF9684 _DSF9685 _DSF9686 _DSF9694 _DSF9703 _DSF9704 _DSF9708 _DSF9709 _DSF9731 _DSF9737

Getting to see Tiltill Valley was well worth walking through marsh land!

_DSF9740 _DSF9742 _DSF9747 _DSF9082 _DSF9083 _DSF9103 _DSF9218

Once we finished up setting camp, we took the time to enjoy our environment. Some hiked, some rock climbed, some played games, and some sat and watched the setting sun. The sun had gone down and I was still out in the fields trying to capture some afterglow from the sunset. By the time I had gone back to camp, everyone was huddled around a fire. I joined in and later on we played some crazy card game and watched the stars.



Fujifilm X-Pro 1 + XF18mm f/2.0

Fujifilm X100 (23mm f/2.0)

*JPG out of camera (Unedited)


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