Something Unforgettable

DSCF9848 Today, I decided to come back home to the East Bay area from San Jose. My Fujifilm X100 was shipped back to me from repairs. I wanted to test out to see if it was functional. I got home around 7pm, but the sun was still out. I wanted to catch Coyote Hill Regional Park before the sun set. I was in a race against time and I had quite a walk ahead of me. DSCF9850 DSCF9851 DSCF9855 DSCF9857 DSCF9871 DSCF9876 DSCF9879_DSF0254 Though I didn’t get to the location I wanted to (the last picture) earlier, I still enjoyed my walk. I’ve been coming to this park since I began doing photography. I remember I used to come here to clear my mind. Throughout this journey, I was searching for clarity. Despite no longer living nearby, I will always love this place and I will never forget how much joy this place brings me.


Fujifilm X100


One Response to Something Unforgettable

  1. These are so beautiful! The last shot really takes your breath away 🙂

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