First Try at Infrared Photography

_DSF1947I recently discovered that my Fujifilm X-Pro 1 was seeing both visible and infrared light. This is awesome because now I don’t have to buy a camera with an altered sensor or pay to have my sensor permanently altered. I did the research and picked up a Hoya R72 filter to try it out.  When I screwed on the filter, exposure times skyrocketed to lengthy times. Good thing I had a tripod with me. The photo above is the first shot I took with the filter on. As you can see, the entire photo is just plain red. When I converted the RAW file to DNG, I created a profile to calibrate the white balance. The reason is because simply correcting the white balance in Lightroom wouldn’t surpass the threshold to neutralize the red color cast. Once I was able to neutralize the color, I took it into Photoshop for some color channel swapping. I swapped the reds and blues, altered the color tones through curves, adjusted the contrast and blacks and highlights, and finally played with the color balance to get a cyan and pink tone. And so here is a result of my quick alteration:

_DSF1948 _DSF1953

Here are a few more shot with my 18mm f/2 (27mm equivalent). However, as you can see, there is a hot spot on the lens.This is an optical issue.  The only simple way to get rid of it is by converting the colors to black and white. 😦_DSF1961 _DSF1989-Edit

Other than that, I think IR is something I might start doing a lot more. It’s really fun, creative, and exciting. I’ve trained myself to have an eye for a lot of things: shadows, reflections, colors, black and white, etc. And now I’ll have to train myself and develop an eye for IR. Quite exciting considering how challenging it is.


Fujifilm X-Pro 1 + XF35mm f/1.4 + XF18mm f/2

Hoya R72 IR filter


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