Nature in its Essence


Today, I decided to take a hike at Calero Park in Santa Clara County. This park is only about 20 miles away from downtown San Jose, which is a lot closer than I expected. Very easy to access, except for the traffic during peak hours. Calero park has some amazing views and offers a pretty diverse wildlife.  The trails are very nice spanning across rolling hills and woodlands. This park is beautiful even despite it being over 85° F! If you decide to go, bring lots of water.

_DSF2179 _DSF2184 _DSF2193_DSF2215 _DSF2221

As a photographer, I love taking pictures of beautiful landscapes because I think nature is beautiful. However, sometimes we have this perception of nature in its entirety– as a whole. We overlook the very details, the elements, and disorder that exists.

_DSF2220 _DSF2204 _DSF2205 _DSF2206 _DSF2209 _DSF2210 _DSF2212 _DSF2213 _DSF2216 _DSF2219 _DSF2203 _DSF2224 _DSF2225 _DSF2258 _DSF2263

We become so focused on “the big picture” we don’t pay attention to the little things. At the beginning of the hike, it was frustrating because of the bad lighting. I didn’t like dark shadows cast by the high sun. I didn’t like how everything looked dead and not colorful. I didn’t like how there weren’t any epic skies. I then realized that the big picture won’t always be perfect for photography. At times like this, one should pay attention to close detail because life doesn’t stop. Life doesn’t stop because it’s not perfect. There is always disorder, randomness, and no structure. There is only imperfection. If anything, perfection is only imperfection perfected.

And what I learned about being out here is simply summarized by this:_DSF2259


Fujifilm X-Pro 1 + XF35mm F/1.4


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