Photo by Kayleen Can


I’m complex, picky, an over analyzer, a dreamer, and modest. I love being in tune with nature and life.

I’m serious about photography, and I’ have been so interested in it since the 7th grade. I lacked the inspiration to start and the resources to afford a decent camera.

I wish to travel around the world one day, see new and different things, and be able to take pictures of them all. My main places I would like to go to are Japan, Norway, Canada, and Thailand.

My inspiration began before I even had my first DSLR. It was only until I found a job that I began saving towards my very first DSLR. I was inspired by my the people around me in my daily life and I wanted to capture the moments I shared with them. Not only that, but I was eager to become recognized for my own style, though it had yet to be discovered. I was especially inspired by a book I read by Scott Kelby. Not only that, but I began scavenging the libraries,  forums, write-ups, and online video tutorials for more information. But the true aspiration of mine lies in the future, where I may one day become a professional photographer.

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