TAP & DYE Camera Strap

My girlfriend, Emily, and I received our camera strap from TAP & DYE that we ordered last week. This camera strap is their L E G A C Y fixed neck strap, which comes in either Black & Natural, Antique Tan, or Dark Amber color. Also, this strap comes in different lengths– mine is Black & Natural in 44″, while Emily got Dark Amber in 38″ for her new X100. See hers!


It came along with a custom pouch. Very nice presentation in my opinion. My first impression as I took the camera strap out was how nice the leather felt. Considering it was still brand new, it was rather stiff, which also made it nearly impossible to get on the camera! Emily and I probably spent 40 minutes trying to get it on…But once I got mine on, I couldn’t help but admire the vintage feel and look of the strap on the X-Pro 1, and it was the same with the the X100 I gave to Emily.


In terms of accessories, I’ve pretty much completed my X-Pro 1 with this strap. Considering the quality of this strap, it runs “cheap” at under $100 shipped compared to other high quality leather straps (e.g. luigi, artisan & artist, etc.). I’m happy with this purchase and I couldn’t have made a more successful purchase if it wasn’t for the help of Justin over at TAP & DYE.


Fujifilm X-Pro 1 + XF 35mm f/1.4

Canon 5D Mark III + 85mm f/1.8

Up and Into Spaces

_DSF0092Today, I decided to go shoot around the city after my afternoon classes. I waited a bit in the library until the sun went down, which was around 4p.m. I brought my Fujifilm X-Pro 1 and my Olympus OM 50mm f/1.8. I’ve actually been waiting for the chance to test this lens combo in the real world. I’ve actually had the lens for a while now, but after picking up the X-Pro 1, I also picked up a cheap adapter that works with OM lenses. The lens, in 35mm format, has an equivalent of about 75mm on the X-Pro 1. So it’s a pretty decent medium telephoto lens. Also, this lens is all manual (focusing and aperture) though the body is electronic.

tich 3 tich 4 tich1 tich2 tich5 tich6 tich7 tich8Doing street work with this lens can be really tough. First, it’s an all manual lens with no real indicator of a focused image on the camera body. Second, because it’s all manual, the best method for focusing is either taking the time to focus (still objects) or zone focusing (moving subjects). Third, it’s not wide enough for people on the streets that are constantly moving closer or further away from you. Despite all of that, this lens is SHARP! The colors and contrast come out very nice too, though some images did lack a bit of contrast (due to lighting), but it’s nothing a simple post processing can’t solve. I’ll have to admit, shooting at this focal range is challenging.

San Jose is an interesting place, really. Sometimes it just feels so deserted and quiet. Other times, it’s loud and busy. Most of the time I shoot, it usually deserted and quiet while the shadows from the tall buildings creep up on the rest of the city. It’s a fascinating sight, and there’s a stillness to it that makes one wonder at times. Unfortunately, looking up at bright buildings and then back down into darkened spaces really started to hurt and tire my neck and my eyes.

One thing is for sure: I don’t regret taking only this lens to shoot!


Fujifilm X-Pro 1 + Olympus OM 50mm f/1.8 Zuiko (OM-XF converter)

Just a Walk

Last Friday, I got to work early but felt that I needed some fresh air before I started. I decided to take a walk around University Avenue in Palo Alto, and luckily, I had my Canon S110 with me. On the down side, it was getting dark really fast. Oh, how I hate this time change with the sun going down at around 4.


This camera is awesome shooting with in the streets. People don’t really mind me taking photos because my camera is so inconspicuous. It’s a fun little camera, but the ISO performance reaches its peak above ISO 800. I’m finally starting to understand the limits of this camera the more I use it. The sad thing is, my walk didn’t last too long because I had return to work and not only that but my camera’s battery died. I’ll have to log more time with this little camera.

Just a Rainy Saturday

On my way home after a basketball tournament, I stopped by a local park for some fresh air. Luckily, I had my new Canon Powershot S110 with me. Thought I’d decide to give it a thorough test. It’s a nice little compact camera. I’m really impressed with the new technology point and shoots have nowadays. For any beginning photographer or enthusiast, I’d recommend a premium compact over a DSLR any day. The image quality from this camera is superb!

Macro was a little difficult since the camera didn’t want to focus. I have yet to learn the distances and focal lengths that are good for closer shots.

Considering that this is only a point and shot, the “bokeh”, or out of focus, is quite nice.

Images come out nice and crisp. With a little color correction and contrast, images look as if they were taken with an expensive DSLR!

I had fun with this little camera. Though it was a spontaneous purchase, I’m quite pleased with the results. I will definitely have this camera by my side majority of the time. Why? Because it’s so pocket-able!


Canon Powershot S110

Lightroom 4

Morning at Coyote Hills

All I could remember this morning was shooting straight up out of bed at 8:40. I was to meet someone at 9 a.m., but for some reason, my alarm clock failed me. Upon getting up, I put on some jeans and grabbed my sweater and my camera bag.

I ended up here after my meeting, along with my new 50mm f/1.4 and my Canon 5D Mark III. I’ve lived around this area practically all my life.

On my walk, I found this little guy on the side. I wonder how many took notice and stopped by.

Realizing what time it was, I knew what I was in store for. I was so excited.

I pass by this area very often on my way to work. After seeing it so many times, I somewhat figured out what time winds come along and what time there are no winds. And with no winds like this, reflections are everywhere! I love reflections.



I made my way back after the winds started to come in. The water became infested with ripples and small waves in a matter of minutes. The reflections were gone.

Strange enough, on my way back, I ran into the same little cat. The cat was located in a different spot this time, and this time it was awake. 😀

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always come here to this park. It’s one of the places I’ve come to appreciate in this small town. Each and every visit, it never ceases to surprise me with life and beauty of nature. I can photograph this place over and over again, and each one will be different.

First Snaps with the 5D Mark III

It’s been a long six months since I’ve had my eyes on this cameras. Work after work! Unpacking the 5D Mark III was one of the most refreshing moments I’ve had in a long while. However, since I had school today and work later tonight, I had to put playing with it off for a while. Although I did pick up my 85mm f/1.8 lens from my friend. Unfortunately, I sold my 50mm so I’ll be stuck with this medium telephoto lens for a while. Nevertheless, it’s a great combo!

Note: The picture of the lens cap was taken with the 100mm f/2.8 IS macro lens!

I can’t wait for the weekend!

Shooting Film

I got a whole bunch of film developed recently. Photos were taken with my Olympus OM-2n and 50mm f/1.8.

I decided to play around with the camera to get a feel for how to use it correct. It’s not too bad, especially since there’s an aperture priority setting, which is very handy!

I also experimented with various cheap films such as Fujifilm Superia ISO400 and Kodak Ultramax ISO 400.

Here are pictures taken with the Fujifilm:

I like the Fujifilm for its more vintage look– softer colors and less contrast.

Here are photos with the Kodak film:

Going through the rolls of Kodak film, I didn’t even consider sparing it. I shot through 4 rolls in a day and a half, unlike with the Fujifilm (2.5weeks). I guess I got more comfortable with my camera by then. In any case, I was surprised when I got this set back. The colors immediately caught my attention as they seem to be more saturated and slightly more contrasty.