Sky Stories

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Each sky has its own story.

Everyday, you have your story too.

Just take the time to look.


Fujifilm X-Pro 1 + XF 18mm f/2

The Calmness in the City

It was a rainy Saturday morning, perhaps the first day of rain of the season. It was really unexpected. So just like the weather, I tried to be spontaneous. I suddenly had the urge to go to San Francisco knowing that it had rained. I wanted something different. I wanted to see something different. There’s just something about the after-rain that I love. The freshness of the air and how the rain seemed to slow things down that move at an unbelievably fast pace. Rain has that tranquil effect on things and places. And once the rain is gone, it makes the light that hits objects and people so much more beautiful, and it cleans and clears the street of people. It’s so nostalgic, calming and beautiful._DSF2701 _DSF2761 _DSF2765 _DSF2776 _DSF2783 _DSF2802 _DSF2810


Fujifilm X-Pro 1 + XF 18mm f/2 + XF 35mm f/1.4 + OM Zuiko 50mm f/1.8

Beast to the East Event!

My friend, Joey, invited me to a bboy event that he took part in hosting. I don’t really see much of this scene, nor do I take photos like this too often. Nevertheless, it was really fun to be apart of this and help take photos for my friend. These guys are awesome.

_G5A7571 _G5A7655 _G5A7682 _G5A7697 _G5A7710 _G5A7732 _G5A7748 _G5A7804 _G5A7808 _G5A7867 _G5A7872 _G5A7881 _G5A7897 _G5A7920 _G5A7927 _G5A7929 _G5A7966 _G5A8035 _G5A8120 _G5A8136 _G5A8168 _G5A8198 _G5A8206 _G5A8210 _G5A8228 _G5A8256 _G5A8279 _G5A8314 _G5A8329 _G5A8347 _G5A8403 _G5A8406 _G5A8431 _G5A8446 _G5A8471 _G5A8473 _G5A8532 _G5A8542 _G5A8544 _G5A8562 _G5A8580 _G5A8600 _G5A8682 _G5A8691 _G5A8696 _G5A8701 _G5A8711 _G5A8725 _G5A8727 _G5A8729 _G5A8736 _G5A8745 _MG_8074

Escaping Time

On my way home from work, I ran into an incredible amount of traffic. I was surprised considering it was a Sunday evening. Looking at the expressions of other people made me not want to stress out too. I wanted to escape from this. I didn’t want to become stressed. I took a random exit from the freeway and followed the signs to a local lake. And so I found my way here– away from the traffic, away from the noise, and away from the time that constrains people.

Nokia Lumia 920