Winter Road Trip: Day 2


After a good night’s rest…well, sort of (due to how cold it got), we continued our adventure. Once we woke up, we made some breakfast and packed up our stuff to do some hiking in the state park we were already at, Big Trees State Park.

_G5A3713 _G5A3707 _G5A3706 _G5A3755 _G5A3731 _G5A3789 _G5A3798 _G5A3801 _G5A3830

We started to get really tired and hungry, so decided it was best to head back towards home.

_G5A3879  _G5A3883 DSCF7141 _G5A3870

It’s crazy to think that something this close to home existed. People often take what’s nearby us for granted. There’s so much more out there if you search for it. So the next time you or someone you know says something such as, “There’s nothing to do around here” then take the time (to tell them) to do some research and the motivation to explore unknown areas. It’s not about being into the “outdoors stuff”, just learn appreciate the simple things in life.


Canon 5D Mark III + EF17-35mm f/2.8 + EF85mm f/1.8

Winter Road Trip: Day 1


My friend and I spent our Monday and Tuesday along highway CA-4, also known as Ebbetts Pass. Ebbetts Pass is a very beautiful scenic road through the Sierra Nevada. Ebbetts Pass peak is at around 8,700+ ft! However, because of how cold it was, the rest of Ebbett’s Pass past Lake Alpine (7,000 ft+) was closed. We decided to camp at Big Trees State Park (4,700+ ft). After we set up camp, we headed east towards Lake Alpine for an adventure.

_G5A3368 _G5A3378 _G5A3362 _G5A3403 _G5A3417 _G5A3466 _G5A3458 _G5A3474 _G5A3494 _G5A3622

The sun had started to set really early (around 4-5pm) and quickly, too. The temperature dropped rapidly too, so we made our way back to camp to get some nice warm dinner started._G5A3660 _G5A3690 _G5A3675

Though the daytime was short, it was well worth it. It was a race against time to capture photos of the beautiful scenery, and preparing some food then to getting ready to go to sleep was very satisfying.


Canon 5D Mark III + EF17-35mm f/2.8 + EF85mm f/1.8



On My Own


Today, I decided to be a little more adventurous. With various necessities to pick up, I made an adventure out of what would have been considered as chores/errands. I made the time to pass through town and take some snaps with my handy Fujifilm X-Pro 1.DSCF5006 DSCF5007 DSCF5008 DSCF5010 DSCF5016 DSCF5019 DSCF5023 DSCF5024 DSCF5034 DSCF5044

I really love the lighting during this time. The slight haze really makes the light interesting. I love the way the shadows hit the buildings. To me, natural light really is best.

The same goes for pictures in black and white. There’s that classic feel about black and white on street photography that really inspires me and I love how this lighting gives lots of contrast.

DSCF5050 DSCF5049 DSCF5048 DSCF5046 DSCF5039 DSCF5038 DSCF5031 DSCF5018 DSCF5015 DSCF5004

Everyday, we encounter tedious, stressful, and time consuming situations. I’d like to think it’s all in the mind, though. The saying, “using time wisely” is usually associated with time management, or scheduling. Perhaps there’s more to it than that. Perhaps it’s also making the best of time by enjoying it. What matters is that there is a positive drive because the truth is, there is excitement around every corner. There is adventure and surprises anywhere you go.

You never know who or what you will run into next, even if I’m on my own.


Fujifilm X-Pro 1 + XF18mm f/2

Our Sunday

We started out our Sunday by going to the park at the south-end of Boston. Neither of us have been to The Arnold Arboretum, so it was a real joy in seeing the life here. It just so happened we arrived around the time when the sun was about to set. The fall foliage was absolutely stunning and so calming.tich1

After our walk in the park, we went back to the north end of Boston for dinner. After dinner, we decided to stop by the popular Mike’s Pastry. Yum!


It was a wonderful way to spend my Sunday. I’m truly grateful for today.


Canon Powershot S110

VSCO 1 Kodak Portra 160

30th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival, Cupertino

Today, I decided to check out the 30th annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Cupertino. The annual Cherry Blossom Festival is a celebration of Japanese culture of entertainment and food.

It was gorgeous weather and everyone was just so lively. _DSF0191 _DSF0192 _DSF0195 _DSF0198 _DSF0199 _DSF0201 _DSF0203 _DSF0204 _DSF0206

Sadly, this is about as Japanese as the festival was. I would say more than 50% of the booths were just non-japanese merchants and high schools trying to make some money off of the festival. To be completely honest, the real reason why I decided to come out to Cupertino was because of a club called Shiba Fanciers of Northern California. For a long time I’ve wanted a Shiba Inu, and I wanted to learn as much as I could to prepare myself for one._DSF0207 _DSF0211 _DSF0215 _DSF0217 _DSF0218 _DSF0220 _DSF0225 _DSF0226 _DSF0228 _DSF0229 _DSF0232 _DSF0233 _DSF0235 _DSF0241Everyone was incredibly friendly. I’m really glad I took the time out of my weekend to stop by to meet some Shiba Inu and their owners. I learned a great deal about the breed today, and I’m very appreciative to the people who took the time to answer some of my questions. There’s still so much to learn about the Shiba Inu.

Backpacking at Hetch Hetchy Reservoir in Yosemite Day 3


Today was the last day of our journey together. At around 9a.m. we departed our camp to rendezvous with the group that decided to return to the first camp after venturing out into the valley. The total hike for those of us that decided to stay and camp out in the valley was about 9 miles.

_DSF9222 _DSF9223 _DSF9224 _DSF9231 _DSF9237 _DSF9239 _DSF9269 _DSF9271

Once we had finally reached the dam, we were starving! We made a quick stop to grab some food, and it was as if we were stranded on island for days without food… 😀_DSF9275 _DSF9278 _DSF9772

Before we knew it, our journey was coming to an end. Being on the road, I realized that we (our group) will probably won’t ever go hiking again. Though that might be true, I also realized how thankful and appreciative I was to have the chance to hike with some amazing people. An experience that happens just once in a life time such as this is what makes it so much more memorable. In all its simplicity, all that should be left to said is:

Thank you for the journey.


Fujifilm X100 (23mm f/2.0)

*JPG out of camera (Unedited)

Backpacking at Hetch Hetchy Resevoir in Yosemite Day 2


I woke up the next morning at 6a.m. I was the first one up and didn’t want to wake anyone up, so I decided to do a little photography at the water source nearby. I figured that since the sun had set in the opposite direction, the sun will rise and pass through the valley onto this waterfalls. It was really cold, and even though the sun was already out, it took about 2 hours more for it to come up above the mountains. It was really beautiful.

By the time I got back, everyone started waking up one by one. We got some breakfast going and planned the rest of the day for our hike (about 3 miles). _DSF9626 _DSF9627 _DSF9628 _DSF9635 _DSF9074_DSF9638 _DSF9639 _DSF9642 _DSF9656 _DSF9658 _DSF9664 _DSF9669 _DSF9673 _DSF9679 _DSF9681 _DSF9684 _DSF9685 _DSF9686 _DSF9694 _DSF9703 _DSF9704 _DSF9708 _DSF9709 _DSF9731 _DSF9737

Getting to see Tiltill Valley was well worth walking through marsh land!

_DSF9740 _DSF9742 _DSF9747 _DSF9082 _DSF9083 _DSF9103 _DSF9218

Once we finished up setting camp, we took the time to enjoy our environment. Some hiked, some rock climbed, some played games, and some sat and watched the setting sun. The sun had gone down and I was still out in the fields trying to capture some afterglow from the sunset. By the time I had gone back to camp, everyone was huddled around a fire. I joined in and later on we played some crazy card game and watched the stars.



Fujifilm X-Pro 1 + XF18mm f/2.0

Fujifilm X100 (23mm f/2.0)

*JPG out of camera (Unedited)