Journey Through Mt. Diablo State Park

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Next Stop: Harvard

After a long day of adventure and deep conversations, we headed back and stopped by a restaurant called Max Brenner.

It was a wonderful date.


Fujifilm X100

Nikon D700

Lightroom 4

Blake’s 1 Year Old Shoot!

Tomorrow is my nephew’s birthday. Seeing as how I’m going to busy with school work, my cousins and I took Blake out to the park to get some shots of him before his big day tomorrow!


He’s grown so much! I’m really excited for the little guy. 🙂


Nikon D3000 + 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens

Summer Morning in SF

It was all so random, but it happened so spontaneously. I contacted Emily the night before to see if she wanted to go for an adventure. Who would have thought that we’d both wake up around 3a.m. to catch the sun rise. Our destination? The Golden Gate Bridge! It was my first time at this spot, and I couldn’t help but get so excited about the spectacular view!

Fujifilm X100 + Nikon Wide Converter WC-E68 (24mm equivalent in 35mm)

It was a sight to behold. We were extremely lucky for how clear it was! Although I’d like to come visit again when there is fog to get a different perspective.

Fujifilm X100

Here’s the same shot without the wide converter.

Fujifilm X100 + Nikon WC-E68

The above image was shot at F/2.0 and you can see the loss in detail, significant amount of blurring, and distortion. I noticed that f/5.6 the image quality is usable, with f/4 at a push if you need the 1 stop light and don’t mind the periphery slightly blurred. It appears that f/8-f/11 looks ideally optimum. Then at f/16, diffraction starts to become apparent.

Lights from the bridge went out as if preparing for a worldly show. It’s amazing how many people were up here to view the sun rise. People are, indeed, strange creatures– I’m one of them!

The sun began to rise around 5:48a.m. and it was such a awesome sight! It went rising before I could even dial in my settings on my X100.

After our adventure, we met up with Emily’s friends for some breakfast! Adventures like this make me so hungry… 😦

After our delicious breakfast, we head out for more adventures! So we headed back to our cars to head over to the Palace of fine arts!

I snapped this on the way back to my car. Again, this is another example shot with the wide converter at f/2.

Here’s a panoramic taken with the Wide Converter on! The X100 handles it quite nice even with the converter. I’m quite impressed.

Sadly, this is where my camera died. Unfortunately, I only had one battery because I left the charged one in my camera turned on over night. I should probably pick up more!

In any case, our adventures didn’t end here! We even visited fort point to explore the historical building with another perspective of the Golden Gate Bridge. After our exploration and time spent standing around not knowing what to do, we went to go get some yummy sandwiches over at Ike’s Place, while we sat around on the sidewalk relaxing.  Sadly, I parted with Emily and her friends here because I had work later that day.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t be more thankful for the time Emily and her friends spent with me. It was very memorable experience that I look forward to again in the near future.

Nikon Wide Converter WC-E68

After my 5 hour trip from L.A. due to delays of the flight and BART, I came home exhausted. However, my mood completely changed when I found a box waiting by my door. It was the Wide Converter that I bought a few days ago while in L.A. I’ve been looking around for a good alternative for the Fujifilm X100. Fujifilm released their version of a wide angle converter, however, at $350 wasn’t a justified price point for a mere 35mm to 28mm. Looking around, I found a Nikon lens that converted my 35mm to a 24mm!

The build quality is quite excellent. I didn’t expect this kind of quality from something I picked up for $60 shipped from ebay. It was definitely a bang-for-the-buck!

However, I don’t expect it to fit right onto the Fujifilm X100! It does need a step-down ring. The X100 has a 49mm thread, but the Nikon has a 46mm thread. So while I was in L.A. I picked one up for cheap from a local photography store.

And that’s all that’s needed! For all you X100 users, keep in mind that the optional adapter isrequired! Here’s what the set-up looks like:

I know it looks a little funky, but hey, it still works! After some testing, I’ve concluded that it was definitely worth my money, especially compared to the official Fujifilm converter.

Further experimentation is still required and examples will be shown in future posts, so stay tuned!