Winter Road Trip: Day 2


After a good night’s rest…well, sort of (due to how cold it got), we continued our adventure. Once we woke up, we made some breakfast and packed up our stuff to do some hiking in the state park we were already at, Big Trees State Park.

_G5A3713 _G5A3707 _G5A3706 _G5A3755 _G5A3731 _G5A3789 _G5A3798 _G5A3801 _G5A3830

We started to get really tired and hungry, so decided it was best to head back towards home.

_G5A3879  _G5A3883 DSCF7141 _G5A3870

It’s crazy to think that something this close to home existed. People often take what’s nearby us for granted. There’s so much more out there if you search for it. So the next time you or someone you know says something such as, “There’s nothing to do around here” then take the time (to tell them) to do some research and the motivation to explore unknown areas. It’s not about being into the “outdoors stuff”, just learn appreciate the simple things in life.


Canon 5D Mark III + EF17-35mm f/2.8 + EF85mm f/1.8

Winter Road Trip: Day 1


My friend and I spent our Monday and Tuesday along highway CA-4, also known as Ebbetts Pass. Ebbetts Pass is a very beautiful scenic road through the Sierra Nevada. Ebbetts Pass peak is at around 8,700+ ft! However, because of how cold it was, the rest of Ebbett’s Pass past Lake Alpine (7,000 ft+) was closed. We decided to camp at Big Trees State Park (4,700+ ft). After we set up camp, we headed east towards Lake Alpine for an adventure.

_G5A3368 _G5A3378 _G5A3362 _G5A3403 _G5A3417 _G5A3466 _G5A3458 _G5A3474 _G5A3494 _G5A3622

The sun had started to set really early (around 4-5pm) and quickly, too. The temperature dropped rapidly too, so we made our way back to camp to get some nice warm dinner started._G5A3660 _G5A3690 _G5A3675

Though the daytime was short, it was well worth it. It was a race against time to capture photos of the beautiful scenery, and preparing some food then to getting ready to go to sleep was very satisfying.


Canon 5D Mark III + EF17-35mm f/2.8 + EF85mm f/1.8



Journey Through Mt. Diablo State Park

_G5A3038 _G5A3052 _G5A3045 tich1 _G5A3003 tich2 _G5A3065 _G5A3079 _G5A3105 _G5A3113 _G5A3157 _G5A3160 tich3 _G5A3227 _G5A3229 _G5A3248 _G5A3256

Fall Night Lights

DSCF7030 DSCF7031 DSCF7038 DSCF7039 DSCF7043

Most people carry expensive cameras nowadays. It’s only natural to be scared not to use it when it’s raining. However, sometimes you just gotta risk it to get that shot. It’s so satisfying sometimes to get out of your comfort zone.


Fujifilm X-Pro 1 + XF18mm f/2 + XF35mm f/1.4

Our Sunday

We started out our Sunday by going to the park at the south-end of Boston. Neither of us have been to The Arnold Arboretum, so it was a real joy in seeing the life here. It just so happened we arrived around the time when the sun was about to set. The fall foliage was absolutely stunning and so calming.tich1

After our walk in the park, we went back to the north end of Boston for dinner. After dinner, we decided to stop by the popular Mike’s Pastry. Yum!


It was a wonderful way to spend my Sunday. I’m truly grateful for today.


Canon Powershot S110

VSCO 1 Kodak Portra 160

Cloudy Days?

Most photographers have the preconceived notion that cloudy days are bad days to photograph. I’d like to think different. All it takes are some simple things to make the best out of a cloudy day.

First, a nice overcast sky.


Second, is your camera and best friend (optional)


Third, is a tiny little spray bottle


At this point, you’re probably wondering why. All you have to do now is look for some flowers or plants and use the spray bottle to wet them. Because of the soft and diffused light, you’ll be able to take some¬† beautiful and natural photos of plants. Simple!


You just need to start thinking outside of the box. Keep things simple and work with what you have, even if the conditions don’t seem the best. Be creative and just have fun!


Fujifilm X-Pro 1 + XF35mm f/1.4

Seabright Beach


My cousins and I decided to make a trip to the beach. Considering we were going to Santa Cruz on a Saturday, encountering masses of people along the way was inevitable. Who wouldn’t want to go to the beach on a nice hot summer day?

_G5A9065 _G5A9073 _G5A9082 _G5A9133 _G5A9141 _G5A9266 _G5A9286

As we hung around for the sunset, we heard that there was going to be a super moon! So we waited even more for it. _G5A9316 _G5A9327 _G5A9333 _G5A9359 _G5A9368 _G5A9395

The moon finally came up above the horizon. Though it was faint, it was really noticeable. A super moon, indeed._G5A9370 _G5A9392 _G5A9403 _G5A9415 _G5A9442 _G5A9453